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What your Property Tax Consultant should be asking you:

  • Are compliance filings or value reduction services most important to your company?

  • How important is maintaining updated property tax estimates for accrual purposes throughout the year?

  • How important is being able to review and approve any filings made on your company’s behalf prior to being filed?

  • How important is communication with your consultant?

  • Who are your main competitors both locally and nationally?

  • What percentage of the market share does your company maintain?

  • What industry related trade associations do you belong to?

  • How does your company account for items of repair, renovation, and upgrade of existing equipment?

  • Are these costs identifiable on your company’s fixed asset listing?

  • Do you keep detailed maintenance records on all your major production equipment?

  • Does your company have a written policy for making Capital Acquisition Requests?

  • How does your existing equipment’s operating capacity compare with new state of the art equipment?

  • Does the cost of your production equipment include costs for specific design engineering from the OEM, specialized operational programming and software, OEM training and/or engineered installation?

  • Does any of the equipment serve the purpose either partially or completely to reduce or eliminate air, ground or water pollution?

  • Is your inventory being reported and assessed at its GAAP Book Cost?

  • Does GAAP cost match the states definition of market value for assessment purposes?

  • Does any of your equipment travel outside the state during the year?

  • Are you planning any major expansions in the near future?

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